LCD screen - create a new era of high-definition image quality

Liquid crystal screen is a basic component of liquid crystal material. It is filled with liquid crystal material between two parallel plates. The arrangement of molecules inside the liquid crystal material is changed by voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of shading and light transmission to display the images with different depths and scattered patterns. Moreover, as long as the filter layer of ternary color is added between the two plates, the color image can be displayed. Because of its low power consumption, LCD is favored by engineers and is suitable for electronic devices using batteries.

The development and application speed of science and technology in the field of LCD is far faster than other household appliances, and the iteration time of LCD is constantly shortened. The display definition has also developed from 480p to 1080p. When we haven't fully realized that 4K LCD will dominate the world, 8K LCD has come.

Sharp took the lead in launching the 8K LCD screen, which is 16 times sharper than the traditional 1080p. With 7680x4320 resolution, it can realize point-to-point display of 8K video. The new sharp 8K LCD screen does not set up three types of products, large, medium and small, from 32 inches to 85 inches to meet various needs, but only designed 80 inch and 70 inch models. The main reason is that 8K clear screen display is very clear, and small and medium size can not show its effect at all, so it is the same design concept with the current 4K LCD screen at least 48 inches.

As we all know, 70% of the value of a LCD screen is reflected in the screen, so choosing a LCD screen is choosing a screen, and sharp is known as the "father of LCD". In history, the first LCD product is produced by sharp, which can be seen from its position in LCD screen. This LCD screen uses the original Japanese LCD panel. It adopts the advanced LCD molecular filling and screen production technology to ensure the excellent quality of the product. In addition, with regard to the lack of 8K film sources, sharp said that the x8-mep professional image processing engine can effectively improve the effect of the existing 1080p and 4K video, so that the existing video can reach a better level through sharp's 8K LCD screen.